My videos of the birds and forest

lovely day at the wellington botanical gardens, a camera , some albinoni …

this kahu (new zealand native hawk ) got caught in the magpie trap , brought him in for a moment so i could film him/her ? , then flew from my hands , wow

music by trinity roots

some of the river and the massive and old kahikatea tree that has grown there for ? 800 — 1000 years , the long dead northern rata that clings still to its side was dealt to by possums , there is no rata that i can find left in this forest , this rata would have grown around the kahikatea becoming in time even more massive then its host .

down by the river , these two kereu just sitting there like they own the place , as they do , tui everywhere , fantastic

every day is a picture .

short video showing typical possum damage to the tawa trees , have managed to save many though and a lot of the saplings have bounced back also

norwester is my buddy the prevailing wind , buddy, hmm, can be relentless

rainbow trout paroling his patch and having a feed in one of the pools in the whakatikei river

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