The many ways we can make this all happen

The many ways we can make this all happen


A company or group that has done well in the community , wants to show their appreciation , say yes we are here , part of your community , some do this sort of thing all the time , some say now , fly in a plane and plant a tree , this kind of thinking seems to makes sense , I think if we can bring some balance into what we do then we are well on our way to solving some of our larger problems , I would say most people want to hand on the world as a better place , to our future generations .

Carbon neutral

As a straight old carbon credit , really you walk through the bush here and it is twice as dense as across the river , where there has been no restoration efforts , I mean if it’s double the mass of plant material , it’s doing twice the work , yea ? probably a lot more than any pine forest .

Leave a legacy

There are great potentials for projects like this one to be assisted by those who would like to bequeath a gift or leave a lasting legacy , many may want to leave something , often people do , so what a thing to do , so when you go that you give life , life to a forest , help to start a restoration project or some other good works , something that will cherished forever .


For now I call what I am doing here the Whakatikei river valley restoration project , when there is the opportunity to go full time , and expand this project , I figure we can call it whatever , if the person or organization who helps make the big start , say the first ten years of this project , then we work out a name together , the one who helps creates this ( I am just the worker ) can have it named after or dedicated to himself or whoever they choose .

Just because you want to

Add your reason here

How to do the expansion

Use the rivers , they tee across the area and give you two relatively impenetrable walls that you can pay relatively little attention to , on the northern side of the Whakatikei river you have forest intermingled with freshly felled plantation pine forest , providing very good road / track access across and through the area , as these forests just continue on and on, at some point you need to triangulate it and have a wall of traps and more intensively managed areas between the two rivers , with this perimeter being in unchanging forest habitat and being the most remote , it will be this part of the project that will require the most work , once again you would use the best layout offered to you .

On the other southern side of the Whakatikei river you have the existing restoration area , intermingled residential (riverstone) and regenerating bush on the hills then forest again down alongside river road , with mostly farmland backing onto this so using the farmland and roads as the perimeter we close of the triangle once again .



The start of the expanded project