Now and the Future

There is no known end point

Once past the initial sweet buzz of enthusiasm for the Whakatikei project , you have to soon take the long term considerations in to perspective.

Like a child something is being created , something that will out grow yourself , and when you have started something such as a restoration project there is no turning back , no stopping for a cuppa , here there will not even be the security of fences , the fence is made by the determination of people , their time and energy , so it is already a bit like this , I now already owe it to this project to never stop in my time , and to line up a pass , so this project can be handed on into the future and we can always move it forward.

The way I see it , for the first many years a lot of the time will be spent defending the boundary’s as the surrounding and more distant forests will not yet have the luxury of have being worked on , there will be a constant weight of incoming pests against our boundaries of protection .

For the more distant future I see it most likely that this will reduce as all the forests around get more assistance to be free from the demands of the possums the rats the stoats , etc.

As this happens the focus can tighten on truly refining the restoration aspect , having more time to spend on chasing the less damaging mice for instance , and this project becoming more and more like a sanctuary , and then the truly rewarding job , of the re introduction of some of the species that once roamed through here.

Too late for this lot


Species that can be reintroduced


North island skink recovery plan .. doc


doc information on gecko’s