Ideas for the project

Use a camera

I had just bumped into video blogging , and had been in the shed thinking … that you could introduce a video camera into the picture and show over the internet what you are doing , and the ways that you are going around doing them , the successes that you are having , the start points of the various little projects that are to be done and the progress/results as you go along , the birds and the trees that are here and the details of the efforts being made to look after them .

You can explain things fairly well with a video camera , you can build a collection of video , a catalog , that is available to anyone who may want to do something similar or want to learn about such things , would help in giving some more publicity to the whole concept of forest restorations

Done right the educational value of video in a project such as this could be very strong , it would give school groups etc , more incentive to get involved and help bring ecological and environmental projects to people.

video showing possum damage to the tawa trees

And the internet

If you have a particular interest or hobbie , you may well realize the potential of networking and communicating over the net , no more do we need a monthly stamp and envelope session , information and ideas can be shared universally and instantaneously via forums , social networking sites and blogs , multimedia capable and inclusive , the net will help to make this whakatikei project and keep it strong and interesting.

Combine your talents

The idea of these people who can work on the ground , joining with those who will help in other ways is one of the points that felt strongest when I was thinking of this restoration project , this seems to me the most logical thing , it allows people to do what comes best to them , allows for some to go and work in the bush , some to still be involved but not necessarily have to be actually be and work here , best of all when we combine in ways like this it is good for all of us .

Keep it growing

Haven’t got too deep into this yet , maybe someone else will pick it up , would love to see all along the hutt motorways restored , it would create great corridors , would link up many of the fantastic projects that are going on in the region, seems like it would be relatively easy to do as it had the best of natural fences, a river and a motorway ….. cross that mr possum and you’re free to have a munch, ….. like they have done on the Miramar Peninsula , fabulous