a little bit of why

easier for the kiwis to know , for we live here

i paint a picture , for those not so near

the question asked , most heard in my ear

is do you plant trees , and i will, all i can bear

our land of the long white cloud , many a bird in the air

broke away from, the super gondwanaland , very early in year

this move away , to be alone , for so many millions of long years

these ancient times , our only mammal , even this bat has no fear

forest lands , with no man , some of the birds don’t do air

biggest eagle , giant claw , imagine if you saw

oh massive moa , tiny waxeye , one no longer here

came a sailor , long canoe , know the current , see the star

bring the kumra , sow the seed , from a land from afar

and for hunting , light a fire , land of plenty , and great pa

little rat , in the forest , and this just a start

soon comes white man , to this beauty , over seas so far

with his big saw , and the loud gun , looking for land and the gum

cut the tree down , make a farm , and bring in anew

hungry possum , fur on ferret , it’ no holds bar

our sweet land , now is changing , and so is the scene

of the bird call , no more heard now , wheres the flower on that tree

in our hearts now , slowly we miss , oh the huia , where’s that birdsong , that is only bliss

on small islands , we see hope yes , can straight what’s amiss

bring them back here , to our city’s , and our forests , oh yay save the bliss

no more chainsaw , for there’s care here , and we give a damm

aotearoa is at peace now , for all here are one,

lets show our whole world , it can be done see , all is together , and only be true

its one planet , live together , all the life yes , nows time , be fair

arohanui richard