The dream for here

Yes well there are a few really , this one is about the forest , the birds , this restoration project , what it is , where it can go , and how , this is mainly a focus on the how as I know what it will be , have seen where it can go , for now somehow the project needs to be taken to the next level , to be taken into it’s full extent , for the original picture to be realized .


Some of the ideas for this forest restoration project have a lot of their basis in the understanding that in communication and understanding it is now a fairly small world , we see that what happens elsewhere affects us and everything , that the new paradigm of the internet makes it possible to be involved in something even if it’s on the other side of the planet .

the larger restoration project area



This restoration has been given just a light touch really , the time spent doing it is only say, 20 per cent of what I personally am capable of myself , for all this the results have been stunning , rewarding too , it has been a beautiful thing to constantly be next to this and see it happen , to see trees revive and flower , the flocks of birds to the soaring hawks , the bell birds and the tui and their sweet tonal notes , the insects, the bugs, and ancient weta crawling on the ground .


Now it is time to do this to a much higher percent and to bring the boundaries of the project to their natural edges , maybe twenty times larger in area then has been done in the past , now is the time to spend a lot of mine , and to get others to join , in making something truly special happen here , to free the forest to be how it was , to lift the weight that has so nearly quietened if forever .

new zealand bush celmatis


There is only one thing that puts the brake on this being the reality right now , and this one thing is time , the time to spend on this project is limited by the realities of daily life , limited by the fact that as do most people , one needs to take care of their own world , pay the mortgage , build the house etc .

Now this time limitation can change in an instant , an instant that can be created by so many people or in so many different ways , in this new world that we have it can be created again and again , in the valleys and hills anywhere on our planet , I know this as I am absolutely certain that there are many others like me , who see the incredible value of the natural world around us , in it’s natural state , and I know that it will just take one of these people to create the time , in reality to create this larger project , to help make happen the singular focus being the forest restoration , so that when I get up in the morning , the thoughts and daily plan is on this forest restoration project .


This understanding of the power , the energy of some money well spent , and the changes it can create is one of the driving forces behind the ideas that I have for this project , I would like this whole concept , of good ideas being backed by those who can , and those who will , to become the norm , this I believe can be one of the healing powers for the damage , we collectively as mankind have inflicted on our wonder filled planet earth .


In the three and a half years that I have been looking after this wonderful patch of bush here , I have watched the voices suggesting we hurry up a little , and make sure that we save our environment get louder and louder , it is now talked about quite a lot , by a large number of people , what I hope to offer is ways that anyone can get involved , a kind of extension of the think globally act locally , for anyone can create this , for pretty much any reason they choose .


There are many ways to help , most will not have the means to free large chunks of my time , though many can help get this Whakatikei project noticed and in front of those who can , so forwarding these plans on to others who could , voting it up on web if I get brave enough to post it , maybe starting a project yourself or with a group of friends in your neighborhood , a project for our planet .

ideas for the project

what i have to offer

the many ways we can make this all happen

now and the future