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Whakatikei Restoration project

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Five finger of various variety , plus many of the broad leaf plants and smaller trees, have very much made a strong comeback, with not only seedlings quite thick on the bush floor in many places, but with many of the third season plants more than two meters tall and bearing flowers, fruit and seed.

this is quite in contrast to both how it was and still is on the other side of the river, this does show quite well that the river, acting as a barrier is working very well with almost no sign of any possum browse anywhere within the forest area currently being looked after .


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The other day a guy came in a ute , ( robert ) he had a bit of a map in his hand , with bright red lines on it and these lines go around pretty much the intended southern side of the larger restoration project , so sent by the animal health board, the six of them have the task to take some possums from the area and do a survey , this makes it thee time to follow up with this and block these areas off, making the one intensive wall on this southern side of the project, so thats going to open up the time to just make these areas as impenetrable as possible ,

When this is done one half of the larger project will be well underway , we start making sure also ther are no stoats or ferrets in the area or surrounds , your work doing that will probably be a bit further out along that southern wall , the rivers once again helping on the other two sides ,
so this is happening now , and the effect and benift of there visit will probaly last a week or three in the area , so yes it was a nice visit, and is a good opportunity .


red line

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a quick video showing the possum damage to the tawa and beech trees

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Kahu ….. before i had the pleasure of having, him/her ? fly from my hands i managed to get some video of this new zealand hawk , awesome to see them flying around here .

whakatikei river valley restoration project

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a short video i made to show this flower that is out in mass at the moment, it is mainly on the edges of the bush

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