Kiwi scientist makes a twitter breakthrough

Kiwi scientist makes a twitter breakthrough |

Bird watchers have long waxed lyrical about the benefits of listening to birds, but now a recording of their tweets has led a Kiwi ecologist to a scientific breakthrough.

Murray Efford, of Otago University, and American ecologist Deanna Dawson have developed a world-first technique that enables scientists to measure how many birds are in an area by recording them, instead of simply counting them.

Dr Efford said the discovery could be used in the future to help measure dolphins, whales, and other animals that lived in areas which made them difficult to count.

Though the study recorded the warbles of the American ovenbird, a small thrush-like bird, Dr Efford said the technique would now be used to measure numbers of New Zealand’s only surviving native owl, the morepork.

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