Robins make a comeback at Cape Kidnappers

Robins make a comeback at Cape Kidnappers – 06 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand and International Environment News
Wildlife sanctuary celebrates first offspring from a re-introduced colony of the North Island species.

Staff at the Cape Kidnappers and Ocean Beach Wildlife Preserve are celebrating a milestone – the breeding of North Island robins re-introduced to the peninsula this year.

Seven months after the release of 35 of the tiny birds into the enclosure in May, two young robins were found last week in a forested gully, happily flying about.

Preserve manager Tamsin Ward-Smith the two birds were not wearing the ankle bands which the released birds carried.

This was clear evidence of breeding.

This is big news for those involved with the sanctuary as the North Island robin had been extinct on the Cape Kidnappers Peninsula for many years.

Since the re-introduction, 21 of the robins, including at least three pairs, have been re-sighted.

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