World’s First Sustainable Nation

Scoop: Vision of NZ As World’s First Sustainable Nation

Soil & Health Association of New Zealand (Est.

Publishers of ORGANIC NZ

Vision of NZ As
World’s First Sustainable Nation

The Soil & Health
Association congratulates Prime Minister Helen Clark for the
vision of New Zealand being the world’s first truly
sustainable nation.

Yesterday at the Labour Party
Conference the Prime Minister asked, “Why shouldn’t New
Zealand aim to be the first country which is truly
sustainable I believe that sustainability will be a core
value in 21st century social democracy.

I want New
Zealand to be in the vanguard of making it happen – for
our own sakes, and for the sake of our planet.
I want
sustainability to be central to New Zealand’s unique
national identity.”

“This is the most important and
exciting statement for New Zealand’s future for some time
from that level,” said Steffan Browning, Soil & Health
spokesperson, “New Zealanders will welcome a vision of a
truly clean green country.”

This significant vision
fits with the Soil & Health vision of an Organic 2020, where
by the year 2020 most of New Zealand’s production is
certified organic and the remainder is in conversion to

With milestones towards an Organic 2020
being difficult to achieve until recently, such vision from
the Prime Minister is encouraging. It comes on the back of
last year’s Government funding support for sector group
Organics Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Green Party initiated
funding for an Organics Advisory Service.
milestones will be more easily attained with a
sustainability vision coming from the Prime Minister,” said
Mr Browning.

“Organic production leads the way in
sustainable methods of primary production, and a visionary
Prime Minister will hopefully do all in her power to ensure
the organic sector, as a vanguard of sustainability, can
maintain its development into the future.”

Minister Helen Clark finished, “Our country is special, and
our people are special.” Soil & Health would add its motto
‘Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy

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